February 2019 Project Updates

This month saw the addition of some super new cool, and the start of new super projects. We would like to first and foremost thank those who helped answer our dumb questions along the way. Now that said we are going to just carry this one on into the endzone and do a little dance…

Merged Mining Pools

We unlocked the hidden mysteries of merged mining this month. This unlocked the floodgates of potential coin combo merge fun stuffs. We introduced our premier pool Triton + Nibble Classic (http://xtri.nbx.llama.horse) to much anticipated fanfare and other words that mean nothing in modern english.
We also opened up a Plura + B2B pool, contrary to the claims of the Plura Dev that he removed the ability to merge Plura. You can find that at http://plura.b2b.llama.horse . Then we did a mash up between Italocoin and BlocMoney our two favorite heavy coins and you can find that at http://xta.bloc.llama.horse
After the Plura network took a complete shit and all the exchanges removed it due to the fact it was forked all up… we decided to do our own asian fusion mix by merging up Sumo and Luka and you can find that tasty treat at http://sumo.luk.llama.horse

Future of Merged

Don’t expect to see all the merged just yet. We are going to open up a few more merge pair pools, but we have our eyeball on a couple other projects namely project Llorse, and rewriting some stuff to get a “pico” merge working.

So what is project Llorse you might be wondering right now… well in the previous article we hinted at this super top secret project where we are going to merge a Llama and a Horse creating the perfect replacement for humanity.

Network Update

This month we had a maintenance day where we took the entire network down for a hour and upgraded some of the hardware that powers the Llama & Horse Network, aka llamaNet. We added a third virtualization server to our stable of hardware and this required a extra 10gbe card be installed in amperSAN our network storage server.

We also took this time to apply updates to critical pieces of hardware, as well as swapping in a new switch to replace the old slow 10/100 cisco switch we were working with.

We now have three virtualization servers, llama, horse, and co. plus one san server amperSAN. We are starting to migrate all the hardware that offered other services to the network into a common place on the co. server so we can shut them down and remove them from the network.

Next up in the world of the llamaNet we are going to be adding a high speed ssd based storage pool to the works so we can keep all our databases on that and improve performance for the entire network. We also plan on getting a few things rolling to help our lives around here like a gitlab server and jenkins. This should help us automate some of the more routine parts of our day.

llamaPool UI

This month also saw the start of an ambitious project to remake the user interface for the llamaPool repo. Since neither of the “developers” here at Llama & Horse are known for their prowess in front end work it was quite a challenge. So after a few days of staring at the screen dreading what was to come we got started and the results should be released very soon!

The goal of the UI redesign was to have a better looking merged mining pool UI. Since merged was a afterthought of the typical pool UI it has always been less than ideal. Most merged UI’s are either two separate pages with links to each other, or a mashup of two UI’s that just look weird and don’t really work all that great.

Our new UI should solve these problems and provide for a much smoother user experience all around.

Discord Bot

This month also saw the introduction of Carl the discord bot. Carl alerts us in the pool ann channel to when we find blocks, and when shit goes sideways. Say a daemon crashes, or a wallet fails to send a payment. Carl will send us an alert, and then eat our hands.

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