Merged All The Coins!

In our January progress report/update we mentioned that we have been working on merged mining aka. alternative proof of work. Well today we are please to be announcing the first, and second merged mining pools we have to offer!

The first being Plura + B2B this pool can be found at right now. This pool is intended for asic users, and we here at Llama & Horse love asics.

The second being Triton and Nibble Classic and this pool can be found at… well it can’t quite yet because we don’t have the front end done but anticipate it soon at

Next up in the development cycle we are going to rebase the entire frontend to work better with merged pools, and then we are going to attempt the impossible… to merge a Llama with a Horse creating a Llorse (it’s basically my favorite animal).

So anyways enjoy the merged pools, double up your hash rate get twice the coin for the same amount of power! Send us your undying love via discord and tweeter… or send us donations we could use the money to keep the servers running.

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