January 2019 Project Updates

This month brought about some serious progress. Even if we sometimes feel like we didn’t get anywhere, when we look back at the month we prove ourselves otherwise.


We started out by adding a couple additional mining pools to our list. Both Dero Gold and NXstream are cryptonite_turtle coins based upon the upcoming Turtle Coin hard fork algorithm. This gave us the opportunity to test the new pool setup with the new algorithm before the fork and to make certain we would have a functional Turtle Coin pool after that day.

We are always open to suggestions from the community and developers as to what coins they need pools for. Drop into our discord at let us know if you see a coin in need of an service we offer, and we will work as fast as we can to get something built for them.


Plasticus worked us up a new explorer for Dero Gold after it was found that they didn’t have one. We recognize that this is a service that new coins are interested in and can be helpful for us to host one for them. We have plans to launch new explorers for other coins in the future as well.


This has been a dream of ours for a while now. We saw others getting merged mining pools working, and decided now was the time to get our own setup working. So we downloaded what code we could find, asked questions of those who were willing to answer them, and found ourselves deep inside the world of nodeJS.

After hundreds of hours of work we are very pleased to have two working merged mining pools in test, one of them is ready to be released as soon as we complete the code for the web front end. Since we are in uncharted waters here we have had to write our own web frontend as well as most of the pool backend as well. At this point the pool software is more Llama & Horse than it is anything else.

Of course we did build it all upon the code base and knowledge of those who came before us. So we would like to thank those individuals, MuscleMan for the base pool code, Campurro for the hashing module code base, and Belorion for answering the questions that he could as best as he can given none of us speak German.


You know a monthly update wouldn’t be complete without a hardware report. We pride ourselves on the power that backs up the Llama & Horse platform, and we strive to keep improving that hardware. This month we saw the addition of a 24 port 10gbe sfp+ switch that will serve as the backbone of our Storage Area Network in the future, as well as another DL360p that will host the majority of the company services.

CoU as it will be called will house the websites, kanboard, our private repository, and monitoring processes. We will also use it as a development test platform for future updates to the pool code and web frontend.

Llama & Horse History

Llama & Horse hasn’t been around since time in antiquity, but we do have some history, and it might be fun to explore that history in this little bit of new each month. This month we jump into the wayback machine to let you know about how the principal officers of Llama & Horse Mining Co. met. It was a dark and stormy… wait it was High School, Plasticus, Brandon, and Knomore found themselves all hanging out on IRC stealing MP3’s and trying to hit on non existant internet females. It was then that we all knew we would be friends for life… with our computers, and we would tolerate each other. Many a lan party latter, and after going on to adult like rock stars we are back to form the ultimate crime fighting trio!

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