December 2018 Project Updates

Now that we’re on this new hardware, it feels like the sky is the limit — at least as far as creating new web projects and such. So I thought I’d take a moment to just briefly outline a couple of projects that are in the pipeline.

Improved Website – The front page of has recently been re-worked to include stats on all of our running (and some soon-to-be-running) pools. Plus as a special bonus, you can see all of our custom Llama & Horse logos!

Llama & Horse Faucets – We’ve been working on programming our own Faucet.. Now, maybe the community doesn’t need ANOTHER faucet… but it seemed simple enough to program, and it was good experience to learn how to manipulate a wallet via php/json. It’s a skill we’ll want around for future projects. So, more than we need another faucet, we wanted to learn the skills it takes to create a faucet.

We’re 90% done with a prototype. Just a few more kinks to iron out, like making it prettier, making the timer work better, and drafting up a quick privacy policy. Our first working faucet is for TurtleCoin, but if it goes well — and ads can recoup the expense of hosting the faucet — we’ll roll out one for about every coin we mine at Llama & Horse. At a minimum, we’ll do TurtleCoin, Plenteum, MonkeyTips, and Lumeneo. Keep an eye out for these soon!

Web game – We’re also working on a persistent, browser-based game, tentatively called The Dortoka Sea. It’s a bit turtle-themed, and as of this moment the plan for in-game currency is to use TurtleCoin. Admittedly I’ve been waffling on that as TurtleCoin gets harder to mine, but that’s still the plan for now.

This game will involve all the usual RPG stuff — fighting monsters, leveling up a character, upgrading your gear, shopping at the town store, etc. The TurtleCoin integration will be that you can deposit TurtleCoin to buy items in the game, but you can also find some TurtleCoin while adventuring around — so you don’t HAVE to spend your TurtleCoin on the game, but it might be more fun if you do! – I don’t want to tell you anything about it. You don’t need to know anything about it yet, other than the name. Let your imagination run wild, and that’s probablywhat it is.

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