A New Begining

It’s no secret that we here at Llama & Horse love to learn new and exciting things. We ventured into the world of crypto under the assumption that we would never make a profit, or even pay off our investments, but what we would earn in way of payment is the payment of knowledge. We have learned so much over the past few months, and part of that learning is on display right now.

When we started off we were hosting our pool servers in-house, but the websites were all hosted on a VPS with Bluehost. This caused some issues over the past few months most notably when a Bluehost tech support person deleted our entire DNS record in an attempt to fix a file permissions issue. That one small error on their part lead to 23 hours of problems on our part as we scrambled to fix all the broken systems, and it proved but one thing to us… we had to host our own.

So we set off to make a web hosting platform for Llama & Horse using our own hardware, and in-house. Of course, this is easier said than done, but there are some handy bits of software that helped us along the way. We started off by exploring the many open source cpanel clones and discovered that almost all of them are complete garbage. Only one fit our needs, Webmin, and we then installed that on a VM and started to play around with it.   

After a week of playing with Webmin on the VM and using a domain, I had laying around for just such a reason we were satisfied that it would do what we needed. We then transferred all the pool pages to the new “Horse Wide Web” and let them run as a test for a couple of weeks. The next challenge was to migrate the main page to our own platform.

This proved to be a larger task than anticipated as we had originally run the main page using WordPress. This wouldn’t do for the new page as we wanted it to be super fast and light, something WordPress is not really known to be. So I set off to port the page to static html5 with the blog portion still being run on WordPress. This took a few days, but the results were better than we had anticipated. With a new frontend, we added pool stats and rounded out the full lineup of pools we offer with new logos.

So where are we now? Well, we are completely free from Bluehost although we will be retaining the VM for a few more weeks as we transition other pages that were hosted there to their own hosting as well. This should be completed in at most a month when we will cut the cord and let Bluehost fall into the scrap bin of history here at Llama & Horse Mining Co. A faint reminder of how far we have come.

What does this mean for the future of Llama & Horse you might wonder. Well having our own platform to host pages from allows us the opportunity to offer greater services to developers and the community in general. At some point, we may open a hosting service that you can pay for with cryptocurrency. This would put us apart from almost any other hosting company out there. We plan on building out some dedicated server space for the web server platform all upon its own.

This, of course, would not only lighten the load on our VM servers, but it would also allow us to access more powerful resources and to load it up with even more great tools, and pages. So what might a sweet web hosting server look like? Well, nothing short of dual Xeon’s with at least 6 cores a piece, and 96g of ram would do. Then we would have to add in 1tb of SSD storage for on the machine itself and a 10gb link to the storage server for less used pages… That might make for one beefy machine capable of doing anything we ask of it. Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming build video as we make this dream machine a reality!

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